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Monday, November 17, 2014

GUEST POST: Brooke Kennedy

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Hello everyone! My name is Brooke Kennedy and I am the author of The Mermaid’s Pearl and Ghostly, as well as co-author of the Ethereal Underground series. All my books are pretty varied, from paranormal romance to scifi fantasy, so there might be something for everyone! I love hearing from readers so please feel free to connect with me on Facebook (beneaththesilvermoon) or Twitter (emera_lazzaly). I’m always open to answer any questions you may have or give tips for your own writing! I’m a big believer in going for your dreams; you can do it!   <3 Brooke

Raewyn is tougher than your average mermaid princess. She lives in a fortress far beneath the surface of the ocean, where she constantly breaks the rules. Fear of extinction has caused the merfolk to arrange marriages and take away romantic freedoms, causing Raewyn’s hopes and dreams of true love to crumple. After a quest gone wrong, she finds herself held captive aboard the Devil’s Pearl, among the worst humans of all—pirates.

Captain Aiden Flynn is handsome and charming, spending his time sailing the seas and hording treasure. His villainous reputation has even reached the depths of the ocean. When he finds a dark-haired beauty ensnared in his net, he puts on his best charms in hopes of finding out just who she is.

Will his dangerous, yet charming, demeanor win her over? Or will he fall, as many other men have, to the wiles of a mermaid princess?

Briar Summers never thought she would end up in the creepiest house on the block in a city far away from her home. Florida’s sun doesn’t quite fit well with her pale skin and dark clothing, but the weather seems nice enough. After all, her life has been one roller coaster after another and she’s ready for things to change.

Cade Michaels seems like the perfect boy next door. He's attractive and the only other person in St. Augustine that sports the gothic style. The only thing is, there seems to be something he's hiding, and Briar can't quite put her finger on it.

Briar never expected to end up in a haunted house ready to claim her for its own devices.

It’s no longer easy to tell who’s alive and who’s not.

It’s no longer easy to decipher what’s black and white.

A ghostly shade of gray is all that’s left

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