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Review Policy.  I review all my books on a scale of 1-5. One being the worst, and five being the best book imaginable! I base my reviews on a series of things including: Writing style ( Did the point of view flow nicely and was the tense consistent?) Character development (were the characters believable, did i feel like i knew the characters at the end of the book?) Ease of reading (sentence structure, vocabulary usage, minor to no grammatical or spelling errors) Story line ( was the plot intense? Did the story keep me wanting more?)To me, all of these things make a great book and I rate each one of these things accordingly as well.I love "No Spoiler!" so I never give away to much in my reviews, just let the reader know what to expect.I read and rate all types of books my favorites include romance, fantasy, and mysteries. I have a first grader, so I will read all children books aloud with my son. Along with reviews, I like to include an spotlight and giveaway.  I will post the review here, good reads, amazon, and any other site you would like.  Please send me an email with the following information listed below. Due to the high amount of requests, I can not reply to everyone, if interested I will get back with you.

 I am not able to reply to everyone. Accepting a book does not guarantee a review. If your book is not on our current wish list, your chances of being accepted are pretty low.

I AM still taking requests for cover reveals, spotlights, author interviews, and promotions. Please email me at the address below and include

:Review Request: Please title the subject as follows  "Review Request-  Insert title of the book and  book genre"Include in the email, your name links to your books or website, a little bit about you, brief summary of book, and please PASTE in the first few chapters  By accepting your book, it does not mean I will give a positive review or even a review at all (sometimes things come up or I end up not liking the book at all)
*All images on the site are for entertainment purposes only, most images are licensed from Fotolia. We do not receive compensation for reviews*
We only accept HTML posts for tours and spotlights.

Mobi is preferred or a code to buy. I have a kindle.

Bree's wish list: High Fantasy novels, younger grade school novels, tear jerking romances, and dystopian novels. Print copies and Audiobooks are more likely to get accepted (I do not review books that are religious or racist. I do not review books with M/M or F/F relationships-  nothing against them, they just aren't for me.)

Nemo's wish list: Contemporary romances, historical romance, any young adult. No Paranormal please.

Please contact
​Bree at bookswithbree1 @ (email has no spaces)
Nemo at  Melody411 @ gmail. com (no spaces)

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  1. Hi from Kat Smith from Katsindiebookblog - I have posted a comment from the United Indie Book Blog 5k Giveaway if you are interested in YA Paranormal give me a shout as My Author Rachel M Raithby has a book needing reviews and Pre Release Blitz/Release Day Blitz signup here is the GR link to see if you are interested