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Monday, March 24, 2014

(Movie Review Monday) Muppets Most Wanted and Gravity

My rating 2 stars
My review
Let me start off by saying, I loved The Muppets Movie and our  family has been waiting for this movie to come out for months. We watched the 2011 movie over and over, even went as far as listening to the songs in the car. I am a HUGE Jason Segel fan. I fell in love with him in How I Met Your Mother. I even know the lines of Getting over Sarah Marshall and I love you, Man by heart. What Jason Segel did for the 2011 movie was wonderful. Unfortunately, Jason Segel made that movie what it was. Muppets Most Wanted lacked the clever songs with hidden humor. Example one?
 "Life is full of highs with someone to stir
and someone to fry"
The only funny lyric in Muppets Most wanted? Just a clever joke that that Sequels always suck. And yes, it did. The plot for this movie was plain awful, and with most of the movie taking place in a Russian prison, it made me cringe in horror. Nothing like a kids movie with a prison plot. Ty Burrell was the only great thing about this movie.  This funny man made me laugh, even though his part in the movie was rather small. I give this movie 2 stars. Just because everything about this movie sucked. My husband and I almost fell asleep. If it wasn't for the kids mildly enjoying it, I would have given it 0 stars. So my review is simple and to the point. Don't waste your time.

My rating 3
My Review
After seeing such critical acclaim for this movie, I decided to check it out and see what it was all about. On first thought, the movie seemed interesting. I love space movies. The view was breathtaking, and I could imagine myself up there among the stars in space, living the life I always wanted. The technicalities of this movie were perfection. The scenery, and the props, it all looked so real and expensive! When it came to the plot, that was where it all went downhill. I kept thinking, this lady had months and months of training. How do you not know what to do if there is a disaster? This gal is struggling along the entire movie and giving up, doing the worst things. It was like a horror movie, when the characters do all the wrong things, and you scream at your T.V to tell the characters not split up or go into the woods. I did the same thing here! Without all the stupid mistakes, the movie wouldn't have been more that 10 minutes long. Watch this movie, if only for the view.

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