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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Introducing my newest Co-blogger!

Here is a little bit about my co-blogger Nemo
She has some awesome reviews on Goodreads follow her on twitter and be sure to check out her posts!

My name is Nemo (yes like the fish!) and I was born in Puerto Rico. I have a co-dependent relationship with Coffee and every now and then green tea. I can't remember a time I didn't want to be British and have an amazing British accent! I've loved to read since I could hold a book, I read anything from Young Adult to Contemporary Romance to Graphic Novels. If i'm not reading a book, I'm tuned into whatever prime time show is on my DVR or the Seth Meyer's Late Night Show. 

I hope you find one more person who reads nonfiction! The only person I know who reads nonfiction is a 4 year old :)
As for  putting my email on  a list for authors to request to review their books thats fine with me! or if you want to send me the ones you don't get around to reading thats fine too! 
Im really excited to start blogging and I cant wait to start :) 

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