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Friday, April 11, 2014

First Post and Winger by Andrew Smith review

Hello! Nemo here, This is my first ever blog post and im really excited to be blogging with Bree so here we go: 

 4.5 crazy hot nurse stars 


I thought maybe sleeping on it would help me figure out how I felt about this book. I was wrong.

One thing is for sure, it's a GOOD book! I mean great, not only was the writing perfect but it Ryan Dean West is one of the most interesting characters I have ever read.

But before I go into this review I WILL NOT BE TALKING ABOUT THE ENDING. I read a few reviews before reading this book and each one spoiled the ending so was it good? Bad? Surprising? You'll have to find out by yourself.

That being said Winger follows the story of Ryan Dean West who is a 14 yr old Junior at Pine Mountain boarding school, and after stealing a phone (just for a second) he got sent to “O-hall” which stands for Opportunity hall were the rest of the “delinquents” stayed. He went from his roommates being his best friends and having a television to rooming with Chas, the beefy giant and sharing a bathroom with 12 other boys.

The Characters

I loved all the characters! Not only were they all free of stereotypes they were all fun and cool. Maybe because it was written by a man, but there was no slut-shaming or girl hating on girl which was very refreshing.
Usually when a MC has a best friend he's all charming and says all the right things but in this case, the best friend Seanie was an awkward creeper.

Even though most of the characters were part of the Rugby team, we weren't bombarded with Rugby terms.

My favorite part about Winger was how positive Ryan Dean was, even though the odds were 100% against him he never gave up, that wasn't even an option for him.

Favorite Quote

And then it's always that one word that makes you so different and puts you outside the overlap of everyone else; and that word is so big and loud, it's the only thing anyone ever hears when your name is spoken.

And whenever that happens to us, all the other words that make us the same disappear in its shadow.” 

 This is not your basic private school love story. It is a deep coming-of-age and trying to fit in story. 

 TL;DR Gif :

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