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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Top Ten Movies and TV Show's - Nemo

Every week we talk about our favorite Top Tens, it's a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and this week we're talking about our Top Ten Movies and Shows. The only thing I love talking about more than books, is Television and Movies. The only magazine subscription is to Entertainment Weekly and I read it religiously, so i'm very excited for this Top Ten List
Once Upon a Time (2011) Poster

1) Once Upon A Time - Even when I was little the story of Rumplestilstkin was my favorite and it makes me so happy that he's a main character. I've re-watched every princess movie a hundred times over and these story retelling are so intricate (and complicated!) that I can't help but lose myself. Cannot wiat to see how they incorporate Frozen!
Criminal Minds (2005) Poster

2) Criminal Minds - Okay so I had the HUGEST crush on Reid through my entire middle school years, now its a tad bit more normal but still this shows pretty amazing. It's full of intricate crimes were we get to see everything from the Unsub's                                        point of view and the agents trying to catch them

The Simpsons (1989) Poster

3) The Simpsons - This  is a family classic that never fails to cheer me up. It has all sorts of humor both deadpan and corny. Even though its been on for about a million years, I still love it.

4) Arrow - As a huge super-hero nerd (mostly because of my even bigger nerd of a brother) this is a must see every week at my house. Even though we know what happens in the comic-books it's still exciting to see it come to life every wednesday. 

Sherlock (2010) Poster

5) Sherlock - This is one of the most intense and intricate shows that I've seen in a really long time. Moriarty is one of my favorite villians and Benedict Cumberbatch's hair is the most magnificent part of the show. 

My list could keep going and going but I  want to get a few movies in!

(500) Days of Summer (2009) Poster

6) (500) Days of Summer - I know this one isn't popular with a lot of people because there's no happy endings but that is my favorite part. I love the realism and the humor, the fact the Matthew Gubler plays a side character helps too.

Meet the Robinsons (2007) Poster

7) Meet the Robinsons - This is my favorite Disney movie, not only does it crack me up but it inspires me and makes we want to get up and start working towards my dream or at least get up from the couch. 

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012) Poster

8) Perks of being a Wallflower - I can't watch this movie without crying big fat tears. I can't help it mostly it's personal because I understand through what Charlie and Patrick are going through but I also really love the story. 

Pride & Prejudice (2005) Poster

9) Pride and Prejudice - It's one of those movies that I can watch over and over and never get tired. There's the romance and the sweetness and what girl isn't in love with Mr.Darcy?

Across the Universe (2007) Poster

10) Across The Universe - Last but not least my favorite musical. I went through a pretty obsessive Beatles phase and England phase and a (hot) British guy meeting a fighting for the cause american girl plot made me happy and warm inside. 

Bonus! Currently Binge-Watching: Pretty Little Liars - I know i am so behind! I should have watched this show a long time ago, but when it first started I was reading the books so I wanted to finish those and now I finally have a chance to catch up. It is amazing! Strongly regret not watching it sooner. 

Those are my Top 10 movies and T.V Shows! What are your favorites? Do we have any of the same? If you made a post feel free to leave a link below :) 


  1. I definitely need to check out Once Upon A Time. I've seen it around so much this week. I also really like 500 days of Summer. I think it's a very refreshing movie.

  2. I enjoy Once Upon a Time too. It's like a mini Disney movie every week. Agreed re: Cumberbatch's magnificent Sherlock hair.

  3. We would be great friends based on our tv show and movie selections alone. Perks is hands down one of my favorite movies.
    My only problem with this post is your crush on Dr. Spencer Reid. I'm sorry, I can't allow that to continue, you see he is mine :P
    Moriarty is the best villain ever, I can't even hate him because he's so genius and Benedicts hair...Hahaha!

    Great post! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I love seeing that Arrow is getting love!! I am obsessed with it right now. And Stephen Amell is just so cute. Great list.

    Top Ten Tuesday

  5. Yay for Sherlock. It's hard to decide whether I like Sherlock or Moriarty more.

  6. Yes Sherlock! And (all the) Pride and Prejudice! Also, Simpson is such a classic! I've gotten behind on Arrow ): I need to catch up soon, haha.

  7. Sherlock made so many lists this week! LOL yours, mine, and about 20 others that I saw! It's such a brilliant show! PLL is on my list, too. Glad your enjoying it! I adored 500 Days of Summer, too.

  8. EW is the only magazine I subscribe to as well! And I read it cover-to-cover every week. :) I seriously love Once Upon a Time, too! I binge watched it all and now I'm just dying for more! :D

    Rachel @ Paper Cuts