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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wild by Alex Mallory - Nemo

WildTitle: Wild
Author: Alex Mallory

Pages: 448
Publisher: Harper Teen
Pub Date: July 7th, 2014
Source: Edelweiss
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The forest is full of secrets, and no one understands that better than Cade. Foraging, hunting, surviving— that’s all he knows. Alone for years, Cade believes he’s the sole survivor. At least, until he catches a glimpse of a beautiful stranger…

Dara expected to find natural wonders when she set off for a spring break camping trip. Instead, she discovers a primitive boy— he’s stealthy and handsome and he might be following her. Intrigued, Dara seeks him out and sets a catastrophe in motion.

Thrust back into society, Cade struggles with the realization that the life he knew was a lie. But he’s not the only one. Trying to explain life in a normal town leaves Dara questioning it.

As the media swarm and the police close in, Dara and Cade risk everything to get closer. But will the truth about Cade’s past tear them apart?

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I was excited for Wild, It was even my Waiting on Wednesday one week. Even though I was excited, I was a tad worried, I'd read a few reviews and they were mixed, also if Cade would be portrayed as a babbling idiot.  After the first few pages I relaxed, It was everything I could ask for.

Cade had lived in the forest, at first he was with his parents until they both passed away and now for “3 Summers” he had been living in solitude. He lived alone because his mother had taught him that the world was under a pandemic and he belived it, Until he met Dara.

Everyone is happy- young and old, diverse, and energetic. They bask in the sun and share treats, and walk arm in arm, around and around. What they are is not sick. They’re not dying”

she was on a romantic hiking trip with her Boyfriend Josh. They had both been slowly breaking up, they were high school sweethearts that where going too different colleges and had changed too much.

In her head, it was in irrational carousel that turned and turned. We’re together, we’re in love; we’re doomed, this time is wasted.”

 It was a last chance to fix their relationship but that was thwarted when Cade started following Dara.
After  an awful event Dara had to take Cade back to the town. Because it was such a small town the story blew up and there were cameras and reporters everywhere. Everyone wanted to know if he really lived in a forest alone and how it was possible. Poor Cade just wanted to go home, he wanted things to go back to normal but it wasn’t possible, everything he thought was true was slipping away.

It wasn't just the story i loved, it was the writing and the characters. It was full of beautiful imagery and metaphors. For example, instead of just saying Josh got angry, she wrote : “Anger licked through Josh. It built until he felt full of fire and acid.” Another great thing about the story was how it was told from basically every characters perspective. We were able to see Cades, Daras, Josh, and even Dara’s best friend Sofia. We were able to better understand everyone and their decisions. How they truly felt about the primitive boy. 

As for the characters, my favorite was Sofia. She was a loyal best friend and she was sweet while sassy. “Sorry. Sorry. My whole week has been is she hot? Is he hot? Who’s Hot? Am I hot? Brain is still engaged in Orlando Vision.” Even she had a brother/sister relationship with Cade and it was adorable. I liked the fact that there was no girl hate and Sofia never got jealous.

Over everything else The romance was my top favorite thing. I think its been a long time since I’ve read a toe curling YA book. It was due time for such a great romance. Even though there were times Dara acted more like a teacher than a romance interest, that was okay, Cade needed to learn a lot from this world. Although Cade did know certain things and wasn’t just clueless.

“But you’ve never seen a stove.”
“I’ve never seen Pluto. I still know it’s a planet.”
With a wry smile, Dara looked back at him “Actually its not anymore. It got demoted.”
The look on Cade’s face was priceless.

Maybe that wasn’t romance but it was still a cute moment, and just like in Tarzan there was a big show of true love.

Overall it was such an emotional read, but in the best way possible. It will break your heart and then make you smile and swoon. Highly Recommend. 

~ Thank you Edelweiss ~


  1. I'm so glad to see you loved this! I read one really negative review, so I'd been kind of worried about it. But, I feel better now. :) I LOVE that quote about Pluto! I still like to believe there are 9 planets. :) Great review!

    Rachel @ Paper Cuts

    1. I agree! Pluto will stay a planet lol but everyone seems to have a different opinion, hopefully you like it too! :)