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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Review: Nova and Quinton: No Regrets by Jessica Sorensen - Nemo

Nova and Quinton: No Regrets (Nova, #3)Title: Nova and Quinton: No Regrets
Author: Jessica SorensenPages: 384

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Pub Date: April 15th, 2014

Source: Netgalley 
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 Today is the first day of Quinton Carter's new life. The toxic guilt of his past left him in pieces-but one girl unexpectedly put him back together. Thanks to Nova Reed, Quinton can finally see the world with clear eyes. She's the reason his heart is still kicking behind the jagged scar on his chest. And he would love to have her in his arms every minute of the day . . . but he's not ready yet.

Playing drums in a band and living with her best friends are just some of the highlights of Nova's life. But the best new development? Talking to Quinton on the phone each night. She wishes she could touch him, kiss him, though she knows he needs time to heal. Yet shocking news is on the way-a reminder of life's dark side-and Nova will need Quinton like he once needed her. Is he strong enough to take the final leap out of his broken past . . . and into Nova's heart?

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Alright so I pretty much cheated with this series. When I saw it, I assumed it was a new series, it wasn’t until I started reading it and I realized I was missing something.

 There were apparently 3 whole books before this one. Whooops. The good thing is that this book was so well written that even without the prior knowledge I was able to catch up and still enjoy this book.

Quinton is our main guy and he has a hell of a lot of demons. He was involved in a tragic accident, and he spent the time since then getting high and trying to forget what happened. There’s also self pity… a lot of self-pity

I don’t believe him, although part of me wants to. Wants to believe that one day I can walk around as happy as he is, living a drug-free life without feeling like I’m fighting not to sink into the ground.”

95% of Quinton’s point of view is him feeling sorry about what happened and trying not to go back to the drugs. He’s full of regret for what he’s done. It’s the main reason that I didn’t go back and read the first two books. I’m not sure I could handle two entire books of his self-pity, but one was fine.

Nova was adorable. Even though she kicked her drug habit and had a tragic incident she didn’t let that kill her positivity. She still looked at the positive and tried to move on. She even joined a band and has a video diary. For her I would go back and check out the beginning of the series. Especially since she’s a very complex character.

We had two side characters that I really hope get novellas. The first Tristan who is Quinton’s cousin and Nova’s roommate. He has a crush on Nova but he also knows that she deserves better so he tries to stay away from her. The second is Lea whose Nova’s best friend, she doesn’t really come out a lot and when she does she’s all sneaky and shady. It’s not who she really is but it’s what comes out from this book.

Most of the story is seeing how Quinton goes from being a drug addict who goes to rehab, to dealing with living life without the drugs. It’s heartbreaking to see him deal with it his pain and try to move on from the accident. His relationship with Nova was sweet and genuine, especially since most of the book their not dating but just being friends and getting to know each other. I did feel like at times it dragged on and it got a repetitive by the end but not enough that It stopped me from enjoying it.

Overall this was a sweet romantic read but it’s not light. It’s full of self-hate and people trying to get over traumatic events. Could be slightly triggering for people dealing with the same emotions.

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