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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mini-Marketing Workshop (Bree)

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 Publishing independently is rough work! I've gathered my personal experience, tons of info from workshops and panels I've attended, and experience from my publishing internship. Throw it  all together with my marketing degree and you have ME: Briana Gaitan ( writer, blogger, lover of books and Amazon bestselling author in Romance! While I don't claim to know it all ( I still learn lots every day, and my career doesn't get 100% of my efforts right now, my family takes up most of my time) I do find that many people self-publish with no idea what they are getting into. Publishing is a business, and it must be treated like one! I don't know how many times I scream this on forums, boards, and to friends. This is a business! Just like a restaurant or a boutique. No different.
This workshop will go out daily via an email with a lecture and homework. Each evening everyone is allowed to send me Q&As for side by side help. My time will be limited though, so if you are wanting professional critiques or  marketing planning it will be offered at an additional cost.
Spots are limited, so please sign up only if you are going to participate. I look forward to meeting with everyone.

Sign up here:

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