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Monday, February 23, 2015

Sleep Drifter Blog Tour (Bree)

Author: Banie Lee
Publisher: Ink Smith Publishing
Genre: YA Fantasy
Price:  FREE for a limited time (2/23-28)
When fifteen-year-old Kylie and Camden meet at the Southeastern Ohio portal to the realm of Inswandi, Camden is torn. It is Camden's purpose as a Watcher to protect humans, which means keeping Jud and the Obsidians sealed within the realm of Inswandi. Yet, the Obsidians whisper to Kylie to open it while she sleepwalks. During the day, Camden's teenage group Team White Star patrols near the covert Arch compound disguised in their shifted form as deer. Unbeknownst to Camden and his team, his Inswandi ancestors take a first kiss very seriously. The Mate Mark has the same meaning as an engagement ring, and it has unexpectedly restarted on earth. The appearance of more colored circles upon one's arm could mean an eternal bond has been made. 
To add to Camden's troubles, the Watcher leaders prepare to host the annual July Jubilee. Watchers from the other seven compounds will come to the Arch for a one-week celebration. Consequently, this will leave the Arch vulnerable to uninvited guests, like Jud, a former Watcher turned Obsidian, and his followers. The shape shifting coyotes, Jud's followers, constantly pursue the team during their break from training. They want the keys to open the portal. If Camden's team fails to stop Jud in his quest to open the portal, the Obsidians will enslave humankind.

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The clouds shifted and moonlight streamed onto my bed. I had a skull-splitting headache. 

The intense pain meant it was go time. 

Hopping out of bed, I picked up a hoodie from the floor. I gave it the sniff test. It scored about 

a five, but I had to go.

My father snored downstairs in his favorite lounge chair, and my older sister snored in a 

different pitch in the room next to mine. Many nights, one word played in my head like a 

drum beat. Tonight was no different.

I crept out my window and climbed down my mom’s rose trellis that my dad built when I was 

four. I am fifteen now. Getting out of the protective community walls was easy since I made a 

top-secret exit hole. When my feet hit the forest floor, I grabbed my chevron necklace and 

crossed my arms. My teenage male self transformed into a wide-eyed deer. I raced down the 

path. The Well, or circle of stones, was in a clearing on a large hill in the Southeastern Ohio 

forest, which was not far from my home.

The Well stood about four feet high and five feet in diameter. It was glowing several shades 

of blue -- sapphire really. Maybe glowing was not the right word. Sparkling, no. Dazzling, no. 

Blinding, yep. My English teacher would be so proud of my word choice.

This circle of old, dirty stones looked like an abandoned well. 

However, to a Watcher like me, it was a portal to our native world. Tonight, The Well vibrated 

and hummed, which sent warning bells in my head. Watchers feared The Well because evil 

beings, called Obsidians, tended to wait for their chance to slip through this portal and into 

the vulnerable Earth. They came from our native world of Inswandi, and their arrival would 

bring death and destruction to humans. Obsidians desired to make humans their slaves and 

to steal Earth’s natural resources. These greedy portal jumpers ruined my sweet dreams 


I looked to the left and saw 15-year-old Kylie sleepwalking, again. We always were called 


Of course, Kylie wandered right toward The Well. The blinding blue light did not break 

through to her conscious mind. She just moved one foot in front of the other.

I called to her. Kylie’s long blonde wavy hair streamed down her back as I watched her 

continue to walk away from me. 

“He’s whispering that I need to touch the second large blue stone,” said Kylie in a trance-like 


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