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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Oldies but Goodies (Reviews from a long time ago)

Thought I would share some old amazon reviews of books I had read long, long ago.

Fallen Crest High
My rating:3 stars
My Review
Okay so when i was reading this book, i kept getting confused. I was like the writing was not clear. There are many times i read the same paragraph over and over thinking "Why in the heck is this worded like this?" The only reason i finished is because the storyline was actually fun. Who does not like highschool drama. The character development was also not very in depth. I mean, the main characters were in love and i dont believe they spoke more than a few sentances to each other in the entire book. I believe it was a few intense stares and some snippy comments. Overall - nice attempt, but some bad writing. Free book, so what do you expect?

My rating: 5 stars
My review

I found this book in my list of recommendations, I saw the warning about sensitive readers, which i am, so read a sample first. First off, I do want to say, if you are sensitive, skip over the flashback parts (in italic). It does deal with things such as abuse. Douglas writes a very sweet, though to short for me, story about trust and love and how your trauma can hinder ones ability to love. This book was edited wonderfully and believable. I didn't want to strangle the characters either. I've read a few books with main characters who were abused or traumatized and those characters were always so annoying and whiny. I didn't feel that this time! So happy. I will read this author again! A must read, for your "emotional- time of the month" ;)

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