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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I am the Mission by Allen Zardoff - Nemo

Title: I am the Mission

Author: Allen Zardoff
Pages: 432
Publisher: Little Brown Books
Pub Date: June 17th, 2014
Series? Yes (Unknown Assassin #2)
Source: Netgalley
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He was the perfect assassin. No name. No past. No remorse. Perfect, that is, until he began to ask questions and challenge his orders. Now The Program is worried that their valuable soldier has become a liability. 

And so Boy Nobody is given a new mission. A test of sorts. A chance to prove his loyalty.

His objective: Take out Eugene Moore, the owner of an extremist military training camp for teenagers. It sounds like a simple task, but a previous operative couldn't do it. He lost the mission and is presumed dead. Now Boy Nobody is confident he can finish the job. Quickly.

But when things go awry, Boy Nobody finds himself lost in a mission where nothing is as it seems: not The Program, his allegiances, nor the truth. 

The riveting second book in Allen Zadoff's Boy Nobody series delivers heart-pounding action and a shocking new twist that makes Boy Nobody question everything he has believed

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Boy Nobody is definitely in my top 5 favorite assasins and this one was just as good as the first one. Even though his program name is boy nobody I’m going to call him boy wonder because really that’s what he is. His name is Boy Wonder because he doesn’t have any personality or name, or so he thinks. All he can remember is glimpses of his father and the program training him. In the last book, we left off with him not sure if he trusted the program and his superior Mike dropping a bombshell. This books starts immediately after with the program trying to test his loyalty, and if he wasn’t loyal they would have terminated him.

They do find him loyal or at least loyal-ish but the beginning was rather slow and little boring, but only a little. He’s sent to assassinate a sort of cult leader called Moore who owns a Liberty Camp which is completely blocked off from the world. The reason this mission was so intense was that the last boy sent was murdered, something which had never happened before. Boy nobody had strict instructions NOT to go into the camp yet somehow that’s exactly where he ends up.

“My mission is to take out Moore. Anything I do is in service of that goal alone, if helping them commit an act of terrorism would bring me closer to Moore, then in theory I should do it.”

Thankfully the action picks up from there. Once inside the camp he finds out that everyone is trained by a video game. Which was the coolest part of the whole book, because everyone had their own avatar and their popularity was rated by their game scores. Moore had two kids, Lee and Miranda, Lee was always looking for his dads approval and Miranda had a lot of repressed sexuality. They were both fun additions and great distractions for our Boy Wonder.

This was full of twist and turns, we get to find out more about the program and a character from the first book Is re-introduced. We also find out more about our Boy Wonder and what makes him so fearless. I do have to say that if you’re looking for romance you won’t find it here. Part of being a fearless assassin is also leading a loveless life. But I still think it was a fun and intriguing read.

Overall a great book for all you adrenaline junkies out there! It ends with a huge plot twist so I’ll be here tapping my foot impatiently until the next book.

One last little teaser: “What happens to when we reach an age where we no longer fit in? What happens when we can’t pass for kids anymore? What happens to a teen assassin who is no longer a teen?”

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