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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Just Like The Movies by Kelly Fiore - Nemo

Just Like the MoviesTitle: Just Like the Movie
Author: Kelly Fiore
Pages: 300
Publisher: Walker Books
Pub Date: July 22nd, 2014
Source: Netgalley
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Pretty and popular track star Marijke Monti is confident about almost everything – she’s got great friends, a great family, and she’s on her way to the State Track Championship. In fact, the only thing Marijke isn’t confident about is her relationship with Tommy Lawson. 

Lily Spencer has spent her entire high school career preparing for the future – she’s participated in every extracurricular activity and volunteer committee she could. But, at home, she watches her mother go on date after date with dud-dudes, still searching for “the one.” Lily realizes that she’s about to graduate and still hasn’t even had a boyfriend. 

While they live on each other’s periphery at school, Lily and Marijke never seemed to have much in common; but, after a coincidental meeting at the movie theater, Lily gets an idea – why can’t life be like a movie? Why can’t they set up their perfect romantic situations, just in time for their senior prom, using movie techniques?

Once the girls come up with the perfect plans, they commit themselves to being secret cohorts and, just like in the movies, drama ensues

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I swear that I will uphold my agreement to make our lives just like the movies. I promise to do whatever it takes, even if it’s totally embarrassing.”

Summer reads are hard to find. You want it to both be cute but still have a sense of depth to it. Just like the movies fit that perfectly. Not only was it the most adorable read but it made laugh and want to watch romantic comedies.

Marijke has everything, She’s popular, beautiful, track-star, and she has a gorgeous boyfriend. Which is why I think I had such a huge problem with her. It was hard to be symphatetic with someone who is so co-dependent on her boyfriend. I was constantly rolling my eyes until I realized that it was intentional. The author wanted us to notice how co-dependent Marijke was and realize how she grew until she realized that she could live her life and still leave room for Tommy. Especially since Tommy made it hard for her, he put everything and everyone else infront of her.

This is what I get for dating one of the hottest guy sin school. The competition is fierce- and its wearing spandex and eyeliner.”

Lily was a breath of fresh air after listening to Marijke’s point of view. Lily is down to earth, but she’s a little to close. She had problems with men because of the way they treated her mother, for that reason she was shy and tentative when it came to guys. Not only that, she did a lot of after school activities but she wasn’t popular because she did all the background jobs. Basically Lily had the short stick in life. Until the day she decides to watch Titanic and talk to girl who was bawling before the movie started.

Even fairtytales have their ups and downs. Happily ever after just gets sidetracked sometimes.”

From there they devised their plans to get the guys. I loved the fact that it was the girl making the move and not the guy. Even If they were pretty extravagant and slightly embarrassing it was still a lot of fun to read. Both of the main guys, Tommy and Joe did not have a lot of depth. They mostly had beautiful smiles and perfect eyes but that’s about it. Since this was just a cute read that’s all we needed.

The more we got to know about Marijke and Lily the more I liked them, they were both so sweet and funny. If there was a second book about them trying to have their movie experience in college, I would eat it up. 

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  1. OMG, this book sounds so FUN! Really an interesting and unique concept! I'm glad you liked it, must be truly really good. I'll look if I find it somewhere when it's going to be released and if not buy it because I really want to read it. ^^ Great review!

    Lola @ Hit or Miss Books