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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Mermaid's Pearl Release Day

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Raewyn is tougher than your average mermaid princess. She lives in a fortress far beneath the surface of the ocean, where she constantly breaks the rules. Fear of extinction has caused the merfolk to arrange marriages and take away romantic freedoms, causing Raewyn’s hopes and dreams of true love to crumple. After a quest gone wrong, she finds herself held captive aboard the Devil’s Pearl, among the worst humans of all—pirates.
Captain Aiden Flynn is handsome and charming, spending his time sailing the seas and hording treasure. His villainous reputation has even reached the depths of the ocean. When he finds a dark-haired beauty ensnared in his net, he puts on his best charms in hopes of finding out just who she is.
Will his dangerous, yet charming, demeanor win her over? Or will he fall, as many other men have, to the wiles of a mermaid princess?
Coming August 27, 2014 to Amazon, and print copy by email request

For  grown up fans of fairy tales and Once Upon a Time. I was lucky enough to beta read this book and watch it grow from a fan fiction all the way to a fantasy novel. Raewyn is a mermaid princess trying to save her kingdom, and Aiden is a sexy pirate trying to live out his life aboard his ship. When she becomes a prisoner on his ship, they find out they have more in common than one might realize. A love for treasure. Kennedy writes a wildly imaginative story that combines fairy tale elements and new adult storylines. She mixes them together to get the most mismatched, star-crossed pair ever to sail the high seas. They are perfect together, from the princess's ability to be a little naive about the human world, to Aiden's accent that makes me giggle everytime he says "Lass" or "My love" I have never read a mermaid or a pirate book before, and this was my first. I recommend it to anyone who likes NA novels, but wants something different.

About the Author

Brooke is a self-proclaimed geek and day dreamer. She enjoys music, books, family & friends, and spending time with her husband and cat. She has obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s in mental health counseling from Tennessee Technological University. She is the co-author of the Ethereal Underground trilogy.
Twitter: emera_lazzaly
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