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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes by Denise Grover Swank Review

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Synopsis: For Rose Gardner, working at the DMV on a Friday afternoon is bad even before she sees a vision of herself dead. She’s had plenty of visions, usually boring ones like someone’s toilet’s overflowed, but she’s never seen one of herself before. When her overbearing momma winds up murdered on her sofa instead, two things are certain: There isn't enough hydrogen peroxide in the state of Arkansas to get that stain out, and Rose is the prime suspect.

Rose realizes she’s wasted twenty-four years of living and makes a list on the back of a Wal-Mart receipt: twenty-eight things she wants to accomplish before her vision comes true. She’s well on her way with the help of her next door neighbor Joe, who has no trouble teaching Rose the rules of drinking, but won’t help with number fifteen-- do more with a man. Joe’s new to town, but it doesn’t take a vision for Rose to realize he’s got plenty secrets of his own.

Somebody thinks Rose has something they want and they’ll do anything to get it. Her house is broken into, someone else she knows is murdered, and suddenly, dying a virgin in the Fenton County jail isn’t her biggest worry after all.

My Review:
This book had been on my to-read list forever. It sat on my kindle, begging my for attention, but I'd been so busy. The book is written by Denise Grover Swank, one of my favorite authors. I had read her Curse Keeper series, loved them, so I knew this had to be good. Finally, I downloaded the audio book and decided to listen while I walked and cooked. I curled up with a cup of cocoa in my Crappy Doodles mug and pressed play. 
First impression: That southern accent, wow. Reminded me of a hint of True Blood mixed with something else. But what was it? I couldn't pinpoint. Rose Gardner came off as a sweet character.Innocent to the world, funny, and just begging for love. Who did that remind me of?  Oh yes...

And even though Rose only has one head, I couldn't help but picture Dot as Rose through the entire book. Both so innocent, and accused of killing their mommas.  Eight hours, a farting dog, and a few murders later, I found myself satisfied and begging for more Rose and Joe. I am normally not a mystery type of girl, but the genre crossed Rom Com and contemporary so well, I didn't even focus on that subject. It even had a touch of paranormal in it, since Rose can see visions. I won't give away too much of the plot but if you'd like a light-hearted read that keeps you guessing, I would highly  recommend this book. As for the audio book review. I liked the narrator. She did an awesome job with the jokes and accent. I wasn't too fond of Joe's portrayal. It's hard to pinpoint exactly, but I felt she could have done his lines with a bit more assertive masculinity. It's just odd to get into a woman saying a mans line, I guess. I don't listen to many audio books. All in all, going out to one-click book two right now!

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