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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Review: Her by Harriet Lane

HerTitle: Her
Author: Harriet Lane
Pub Date: January 6th 2015
Pages: 272

Publisher: Little, Brown, and Company
Source: Netgalley

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You don't remember her--but she remembers you.

On the face of it, Emma and Nina have very little in common. Isolated and exhausted by early motherhood, Emma finds her confidence is fading fast. Nina--sophisticated, generous, effortlessly in control--seems to have all the answers.

It's easy to see why Emma is drawn to Nina. But what does Nina see in her?

A seemingly innocent friendship slowly develops into a dangerous game of cat and mouse as Nina eases her way into Emma's life. Soon, it becomes clear that Nina wants something from the unwitting Emma--something that might just destroy her.

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This is one of those books that starts out with so much potential but instead of getting to the point it drags until you forgot why you were even interested in reading it. I cant even tell you how many times I reread the summary wondering when the story was going to finally starts.
It starts from Emma’s point of view, she is an overworked mother who gave up her career to raise her kids and now rarely has a second to herself. After hearing Emma’s point of view I never want to have children since apparently they only make you work and remember the old days.
Then we switch over too Nina’s point of view, which is the exact opposite. Nina has a teenage daughter and is living the aristocrat live as a popular artist. For some reason she takes an special interest in Emma’s life, going as far as to sabotage tiny parts of her life.

The entire time its obvious that Nina and Emma knew eachother but only Nina remembers their past and only she holds a grudge. She doesn’t share her history with her family and she doesn’t have any other friends, which right there is a warning sign. There were only a few signs but Emma flew through all of them without even a second glance. She didn’t think it was a coincidence that the same random women kept popping up to save her in emergencies that had never happened to her. GET IT TOGETHER EMMA.

Through all the dragging and ridiculous descriptions the worst part of this book was the ending and the “big” plot reveal. It was the worst ending and surprise I have ever read. Its as if the author didn’t want to take any risks and instead she leaves us to do all the hardwork. Normally I don’t mind sudden endings, but when the rest of the book the stalker Is acting normal and mindful when she finally acts like a psycho I don’t buy it.

Overall it’s a slow read that has a surprise ending, A summer read for people who like stalking thrillers and don’t mind overly descriptive writing.  

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