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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ethereal Underground- Realm of Deceit Tidbits

The cover reveal for book 2 of the Ethereal Underground Trilogy is Friday. Here are some tidbits from the authors to tide you over till then ;) What has the gang been doing? 
******Caution don't read if you have not read book one, there are spoilers!*******
Brooke Kennedy

  • Annalise has a new counterpart. His name is Warren and he carries the affinity for ice.
  • Annalise has been immersing herself in her duty, trying to keep her mind off her nightmares.
  • Finlay has been trying to watch over Annalise, as well as trying to have a life back in the mortal world.
Briana Gaitan
  • Ash is trying to get used to a permanent life in the eighth layer. Fighting at the Ethereal Underground to make ends meet, and hunting with Arie for the thrill.
  • Arie has been struggling with her relationship with Finlay. Can the two of them be together and hide it from the Elders?
  • Ash has a feeling his life truce with Sune was a big mistake, he dreads the day he has to live up to his end of the bargain.

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