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Friday, April 3, 2015

Ash Wednesday Book Blitz


Ash Wednesday


Young Adult



Ink Smith Publishing

One Line Summary

Following the lives of three kids in a post-apocalyptic world, Ash Wednesday is about family, faith, and

what it really takes to be a hero.


The boys in Pilot’s Coliseum have been killing each other for the better part of two years. Nuclear

apocalypse destroyed everything, so now it’s the only way to get by. Pilot has the resources. He has the

food, the water, the protection. He has the city, eating out of the palm of his hand. He has the way. And

his boys–Pilot’s boys, Pilot’s handcrafted monsters–have the will.

But no one has more of it than Red. He’s the greatest fighter in Pilot’s Coliseum, the golden boy, the best

of the worst. It doesn’t matter what you put in front of him, he can kill with it. Doesn’t matter who.

Doesn’t matter why. Red is Pilot’s perfect soldier. His perfect war machine.

It might not be enough.

Because now Pilot is asking Red for more. He’s asking for everything–everything Red cares about,

everything Red feels, everything human left in him. He’s asking him to give up everything but the knife,

the bloody trophy of his last kill, so that Pilot can make him something more.

Pilot wants to make him a hero.


“It was already referred to as the ruins of Chicago sixteen days after the war was over. The United States

had not surrendered--the worst devastation in the world had fallen on those that refused surrender--but it

didn’t matter. Nothing was spared. Not Chicago, not New York, not Los Angeles. Nothing. Once upon a

time, they had all stood invincible.

Now they didn’t.”

Author Bio

A.C. Billedeaux is a small town girl, born and raised. She lives in southwest Michigan and went to school

just down the road from Western Michigan University, where she later attended college. She is, as anyone

from the Midwest can imagine, therefore very familiar with road construction, unseasonable snow, and

thunderstorms in the morning that break up into glorious afternoons. You can find out more about her life,

her story, and her world at







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