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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Delectable by Adrianne Lee - Nemo

Author:Adrianna Lee
Pages: 216
Publisher: Forever Yours
Pub Date: September 3rd, 2013
Source: Netgalley
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Montana real estate agent Quint McCoy will tell you that the mosimportant thing is location, location, location. It's a lesson he learns all too well when he goes incommunicado for a four-week fishing trip to Alaska. While he's away, his mother Molly turns his office into the pie shop she has always dreamed of, Big Sky Pie. But that's not the only surprise in store for him.

On her way out of town, Callee McCoy only wants to say a fond farewell to her beloved mother-in-law. But Molly soon persuades Callee to stay and lend a hand at the new shop, even if it means heating up the kitchen with her soon-to-be ex. As Callee and Quint rediscover their recipe for love, they realize that some couples are so sinfully good together that one delectable taste is never enough . . .

Quint, my boy, there isn't a problem so big a man can’t solve it with a piece of you mama’s sweet cherry pie in one hand and a fishing rod in the other.”

Apple pie and romance? You can count me in!

Not going to lie, I was immediately turned off by the cover, it just seem tacky but the actual book was above average. At first it seemed very predictable but after the first 2 chapters I wasn't entirely sure what would end up happening.

Quinn just lost his father

“A widow maker, the heart specialist called it. Fine one minute, gone the next”

Instead of leaning on his wife (Callee) and remaining family he bailed and went fishing. His marriage was already going under because he barely spent time with Callee or paid attention to her. We get too see his point of view but I just wish we could have seen more rawness and emotion from him. Maybe he got all those feelings out when he went fishing but It would have been great too see some of it, instead of having to hear how “Kissable her lips were”.

Callee lost her mother when she was young and now that she’s lost the closest thing to a father she’s ever had. When she tries to be there for her husband he tells her they should get a divorce and seeing no other option she ends up having to agree.

Telling your friends that your husband would rather fish than celebrate your wedding anniversary together was embarrassing. Telling your friends that your husband didn’t want you anymore… that was embarrassing. “

 Even though she didn’t want too she packed up her things and was all set for Seattle, until the unexpected happens.
That’s when things start to get tricky. Now Quinn and Callee, along with Quinn’s former employee Andrea, have to try to run a pie bakery when they

A)     Have no experience running any restaurant
B)      Cannot bake a pie… publicly

The romance was swoony and perfect. The whole situation felt very real and relatable, except you know we don’t all find love with hunky men at first sight. Otherwise, it felt natural, I also loved that the whole book they’re talking about a specific pie recipe and at the end it has the actual recipe! Now I’m not much of a baker but I really want to give it a try. This was definitely a great summer read, just make sure you have pie or cake near you because you’ll definitely be craving one!

Even though they're sweaty here's the pie scene from Labor Day because that's mostly what I was picturing 


  1. Hi, Bree,

    Thank you so much for hosting me and DELECTABLE today.

    Just so you know, I actually did take one look at my husband (of many, many years) and fall in love. It does happen, just not to most folks. I told my mom after our first date that I was going to marry him. And she believed me. I have always believed that long engagements are a mistake. There doesn't seem to be the passion and who doesn't want passion in their romance. Toss in some pie, and it's just too delectable. :)

  2. Congratulations on release day, Adrianne!

    1. Thank you so much, Rinna. I'm excited. Just wondering if it actually hit any stores today, though. I'm going out looking and for dinner to celebrate later today. :)

  3. Congrats on your new paperback release!!!

    1. It's sooooo exciting, Jami. Thank you for showing up to my event. I really appreciate it. :)